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DIYOutlet-FirstBatch-4-1The following are some tips for using a ladder:

  1. Make sure that the ladder is placed at right angles from the work.
  2. Never stand at the top platform in the ladder – this was designed to hold your equipment and tools and not for standing.
  3. If you need to work over head make sure that you don’t over reach.
  4. Ensure that the stay chains happen to be in good conditions and equal in length – if they are broken they should be renewed before you use the ladder.

Here’s a quick checklist for the safe use of any type of ladder:


  • Make sure that the ladder is undamaged and then in good condition
  • Make sure that the ladder will be the right height for the job under consideration
  • Wear flat shoes with good soles
  • Make sure that the steps of the ladder are free and clean from oil and grease
  • Make certain that all four feet of the step ladder are saved to a non-slip surface
  • Do not over-reach
  • Have a good grip of the ladder with your free hand when possible
  • Place the front feet of the step ladder against a wall for added security if at all possible
  • Ensure that the ladder is over a level and firm base

DIYOutlet-FirstBatch-4-3If they are not used properly ladders really are quite dangerous things, so ensure that you follow these tips the next time you need to do some work which is actually a little over your head.

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