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a lot of things to do
Today I want to share with you 5 mistakes you’ve likely made in your business and how these mistakes are preventing you from really taking your business to that next income level in the next 90 days, or in other words “rocking” your biz this summer.

Here are the 5 areas where I see the most mistakes:

1.  Lack of delegation
2.  Procrastination
3.  Easing off the gas over the summer
4.  Lack of clarity/focus
5. Time management

Today, to keep it short and sweet for you I want to focus on just one of these mistakes:  Let’s start with number one, lack of delegation.

Let me paint you a picture of a solopreneur who has had the “soul” zapped right out of her because she’s running off the “me do it” syndrome, which I refer to in my free e-book found on my homepage.

Debbie No Delegate is waking up early at the crack of dawn to check her email, drink some green tea and get her kids up and off to school or perhaps pack her hubby’s lunch.  By noon she has checked her email 5 more times, talked with a client, ran an errand and is wondering when she’ll have time for lunch.  But of course she has a board meeting she must attend.  On her way home she stops to put some brochures out for her business and pick up some groceries too.  Oops she has to make a bank deposit!  Now she is back in front of her computer to set up client meetings and write her newsletter.  It’s only 3 p.m. and if she has kids, they are getting off the bus.  AND they are hungry!

Have you ever had a day like this?  Debbie No Delegate feels like this:

-She has no control over the revenue in her business
-She is overextending herself, her resources and her time to the detriment of her own company’s success.
-She is accepting clients or jobs just for the money, living client to client.
-She is overworking in a perpetual quest to create greater security only to keep struggling with either lack of time or lack of revenue.

So what can you do to avoid the mistake of being just like Debbie No Delegate?  Well it’s easier said than done but to put it simply:  DELEGATE!

ACTION STEPS:  Here is how to get started:

  1. Interview 3 virtual or live assistants.
  2. Set a dollar amount you’re willing to invest each month.  It can be as little as $50/month.  Yes you’ll find someone willing to do this.
  3. Try out your first assistant.  Give him/her a task that will grow your business, like a newsletter, social media, posting flyers, signs or brochures or setting up speaking gigs for you.
  4. Don’t tell yourself you can’t afford it.  The biggest mistake I made in my first business was not getting help soon enough.  My first business was a franchise and I finally passed 4 figure revenue months and went into 5 figure revenue months (over $20,000) when I hired a marketing assistant. It was the best decision I ever made. 

If you’d like to find out about the other 4 mistakes you might be making and how you avoid them, then register for my complimentary training happening next Thursday, July 27th.  I’ll be with the amazing Stephanie Owens and we’ll cover all 5 mistakes and exactly what you can do to avoid making them.  We’ll even have a Q&A time so you can get personal coaching from the both of us!  It will be recorded so even if you’re booked like Debbie No Delegate that day, you can just listen to the recording at your leisure!

Jessica Patterson