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Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) started Encore Living Interiors to provide a service that seemed to be missing for those seniors and baby boomers who want to age in place in their own home. Especially those who want not only to have a safe home that assists in fall prevention but also is comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

As an interior designer, Joyce saw the need to design spaces that could accommodate the disabled, injured veterans and seniors with homes that could be enjoyed and bring dignity and pride into their environments.

“I appreciate so much what our parents have seen and accomplished during their lifetimes. They’ve driven the first cars, been through many wars, survived the depression and are now in the information and computer age. The magnitude of change that they’ve experienced throughout their life is incredible. I don’t want to forget their contribution to our world and society. This is a small way to make a difference in their lives as a thank you to their hard work and sacrifice.”

Encore Living Interiors works to bring transformation and education, designing environments that serve the needs of the baby boomer, senior and disabled community.

Call Joyce today to schedule a presentation to your group or for your design analysis!
Aaron D. Murphy is a businessman and an entrepreneur, as well as a philanthropist in his community.  Mr. Murphy’s career has been extensive and continuous in the fields of architecture as well as real estate investing, for over 15 years.  His full career portfolio includes over 1 million square feet of both commercial and residential building projects designed, permitted, and constructed around western Washington.  He created and owned “Silver Lining Properties” for years, a full time real estate investing company focused on residential housing.  He is currently the owner and a licensed Architect at ADM Architecture www.ADM-Architecture.com in Poulsbo, Wa.  He has the additional credentials of being a “Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist” (CAPS certification through NAHB – National Associate of Home Builders). He is also the Managing Editor at “Empowering The Mature Mind” www.EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com, a residential outreach program of ADM Architecture, providing valuable information and resources for baby boomers and their families related to “Aging In Place”, among other “Encore Living” topics.


Personally, Aaron is a Poulsbo / North Kitsap Rotarian, and a loving father of two beautiful children, Noah age 7, and Paige age 4.  He enjoys tennis, hiking, reading, and playing with the kids outside.  He grew up in Vancouver, Wa. and went to the University of Washington.  He has lived in the Poulsbo area of Kitsap County, outside of Seattle, since 2002.


Personal Mission Statement

With my strong desire for personal growth and knowledge, I strive to provide for myself and those around me an energetic and enjoyable environment for creating “wealth” in all avenues of life. I act honestly and sincerely through a positive energy and strong worth ethic. I stay true to my beliefs and focused on the goals of fulfillment in the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial aspects of my own life and of the lives I come in contact with.



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