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Who Are These Women?

Who are the women behind Chat With Women? Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff are two women who have been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt. Now they’re sharing their own brand of funny, inspiring and life-changing insights on the radio and on internet radio.

If you can’t call mom—call Chat With Women! Pam and Rochelle deliver real advice for real life from real women, and they keep their listeners laughing and learning with exciting interviews, lively call-in sessions and advice from two revolutionary baby boomers who are young enough to remember and old enough to know.

What are you waiting for?

Chat With Women

and change your life!




Why Chat With Women?

It’s like calling mom—without the guilt.

Chat With Women is the place to experience the true power of girlfriends.

  • Building community
  • Mothering without smothering
  • Connecting and empowering
  • Learning, laughing and living


Just look at what you’ve been missing!

  • Chat Parties – Kick off those stiletto pumps and raise a toast, the Chat With Women Chat Parties are all about good friends, good food and good times!
  • Advice – Pam and Rochelle motivate, problem-solve and energize without judgment or put-downs. We’ll help you get by with a little help from your friends.
  • Sharing – Chat With Women listeners learn from each other.
  • Growth – One of the blessings of being over 21 is the ability to admit you don’t know everything. Chat With Women listeners are constantly learning new ways to become even more fabulous!
  • Support – We’re committed to helping other women discover how to make positive life changes and gain personal satisfaction.

Rochelle Alhadeff

Rochelle also was an at-home mom for 12 years before putting those multitasking and organizational skills to use in the convention industry as a Marketing Director. She switched over to telecom and became the number one salesperson in the country for her company. Then her path came full circle and Rochelle put her sales and management skills to work for the family business, Apex Winery, which she now runs with her husband of 33 years. Rochelle co-founded Chat With Women to change lives and explore possibilities through the power of girl talk.

Rochelle is the mother of two grown sons. She’s also a breast cancer survivor and an advocate for Alzheimer’s treatment, she’s passionate about cooking, hosting and enjoying life, and her motto is “Live, Love, Laugh—and do it NOW!”








Pam Gray

After ten years as a stay-at-home mom, Pam jumped into Corporate America and climbed the ladder to become a Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service in the telecom industry. After 15 years, she got off the corporate hamster wheel and joined her husband and son in managing a college town nightspot.

Five years later, Pam looked at the experience she had amassed as a mother, a sales person, and a bartender and realized that listening, finding solutions and helping people work through their problems was the common thread that pulled it all together. She reinvented herself and realized that her real skills lay in helping others discover their inner potential and live their dreams. Pam became a Certified DreamCoach and a co-founder of Chat With Women Radio.

Pam dares to dream big, and she’s got a passion to help others become inspired, educated and motivated to live big dreams themselves. Her witty on-air style uses humor and compassionate challenges to encourage listeners to dream big.




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Here’s what some of our listeners have to say:

From: judy

Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 8:45 AM


Subject: Thank you

Pam, Rochelle, and Blaine,

The show was great, and so informative. I am so pleased that you did the
segment on responding to a bad review. Your support and advice is very
comforting, and I’m thrilled to learn this new skill from experts in the
field of customer service. You are helping me become a better business

Thanks so much,


Judy Green

Green Cad & Design